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Aging Gratefully Conversation Workshops

Conversations that Transform Lives

Would you like to live a healthier, happier, more purposeful life?

Our lives and beliefs are informed through conversations with others and with ourselves. Let's examine the beliefs that contribute to our overall well being as we reach for the joy that is always present but just slightly out of reach. 

I am inviting you to participate in and/or plan  an inspiring presentation that weaves the magic of gratitude into subjects of the heart - the subjects that provide the framework for living your best possible life and Age Gratefully.


Would you like to improve relationships with family, loved ones and co-workers?

Let's talk about and change our minds about this important and joy-draining subject.  You will learn the roots of forgive and forget; how to forgive and forget; and how the topic of prayer in forgiveness works. Now is the time to choose to forgive those whom have hurt us both purposely and not.


Would you like to draw others into your daily life?

Loneliness is being recognized as a global epidemic. The subject of loneliness is closely intertwined with the subject of friendship. We will define, explore and leave with solutions to implement to solve this dilemma in your life. The roots of loneliness will surprise you. 


Would you like to love the woman in the mirror?

Your daily choices are drawn from the picture you hold of your self value. You walk away with an understanding of how you see yourself; how you project self to others; and proven changes in self- love.


 I wasn't sure what to expect but what I received changed my out look on aging and gave me tools I need to make necessary changes. I recommend this course to anyone who needs to add a smile to her life.      Marian Finley

The 100 questions on honoring self opened my eyes and I now honor the woman in the mirror more.  Belinda Cravens

I almost decided not to come. So glad I did. I learned once again how to take the first steps in making friends.  Sharon Easley


Three hours of conversation, group exercises, fun and enlightening ideas for jump-starting an appreciation of the wonder called - Gratefully Aging. 

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Setting the Vision for Change


EXPLORE and honor the woman you are now and the path you are walking. Understand the choices you are now making and the reasons you are surrendering your power of choice to others. 

DISCOVER a new way of planning, reactions etc.  Learn to surrender to discover the unseen yet desired elements for peace and happiness. 

CREATE a 3-month action plan to kick-start a new life that you have identified. Learn how to handle adjustments to the plan and to enlarge the plan as life presents surprise opportunities.

This Gratefully Aging Workshop includes exercises, conversations, 3-month planning session and deep exploration and discovery of identifying exactly what YOU want to experience in your life. You are the architect working with God in creating this journey. 


Visioning Workshop/ Gratefully Aging

Visioning Workshop/ Gratefully Aging